The project of Senzaspine’s young musicians is genuine, but ambitious. Spreading culture and classical music is such an important goal, but quite difficult to achieve. This new voice born in the heart of Bologna has attracted local and national institutions which are supporting the project greatly, but it is still not enough. We need the help of all those believing in young musicians and in Senzaspine’s mission trying to offer constant opportunities for professional and artistic growth. In order to organize events, shows, tours, flash mobs, ‘cultural revolutions’, the Association needs the support of anyone willing to get involved. Even if the support is simbolical, it means a lot. Every contribution is an obstacle removed from the difficult path of young people who, after graduating from Conservatories and Academies, are always looking for a chance to show their talent. Not only. Senzaspine’s project enriches the whole community and everything is possible thanks to the quest for art that the community has shown, to the need highlighted in these years of activity of the Orchestra. Every single concert is a success with an “encore”, every single event is multiplied month after month, thanks to the support of fans, friends, citizens, opera lovers or amateurs. Supporting the Senzaspine Orchestra means supporting the youth culture, the avant garde and the music; it means believing that the future will be new and full of opportunities, also thanks to your contribution. Whatever the amount your donation can really make a difference.


Give your 5×1000 to the Senzaspine Association

Liberal donations (in cash or tangible assets) to the Senzaspine Association are deductible from the donor’s income according to the law.
Our mission is bringing classical music back to the love of the main audience.
Live it with us!

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